“Safety First” is more than a catchy slogan or a stated benefit for employees.  A safe workplace is more like table stakes in the game of manufacturing, and it is much less altruistic than one would think.   Simply put, if a workplace seems even the slightest bit unsafe to employees, the news spreads faster than Covid, no one will work there, and productivity (& profitability) will come to a screeching halt.  A condition that takes immensely longer to fix than the accident precipitating it.

Enter NTMA (National Tool and Machining Association) into the discussion.  NTMA organizes annual safety awards based on the OSHA (Occupation Safety and Health Association) Form 300A.  The output/purpose of the survey is to present the top-performing companies with an NTMA Safety Award Certificate that can be proudly displayed in their workplace.

Frontier Metal Stamping is a recipient of the Annual Safety Award for 2021.  Other recipients of the award in the NTMA Rocky Mountain Chapter are:  Denver Machine Shop, Hirsh Precision Products, Mountain States Automation, and Reata Engineering & Machine Works.  Frontier congratulates our peers and wishes them and, the entire 1300 members of NTMA, an incident-free 2022.

Jonathan Hall, Business Development Executive – Frontier Metal Stamping, Inc.

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