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Metal fabrication press in Denver

3 key benefits of using custom metal fabrication

Custom metal fabrication is an involving process. It entails cutting materials in a specific design of high precision and quality that meets the customer’s needs. In order to get the desired result, special skills, industrial tools, and equipment are often used. As such, the following are some benefits of using custom metal fabrication. Compatibility with…
who does metal fabrication in Denver

At Frontier Metal Stamping, Shorts Cuts Are NOT Allowed

New customers often arrive at our doorstep with an idea, sketch, picture and/or a homemade prototype of the part they want at a low price. Others arrive after building prototypes, small sample run(s), perhaps even pre-production runs and want to go high volume. We can work with both types of customers it just takes longer…
Precision metal fabrication

Benefits of precision machining for your industry

Whether you are in the electronics, construction, aerospace, medical, or mining industry, it is vital to engage in accurate and safe manufacturing practices. Precision machining allows you to produce high-quality parts and equipment that you can safely use in your manufacturing process. Through precision tooling, your production speed increases, allowing you to direct your labor…
Metal fabrication work in Denver

Three industries that use the mighty U-clip

The humble U-clip. So unassuming, yet so versatile and ubiquitous. Also known as the ‘uni-clip,’ the U-clip is utilized in numerous applications. It can be used in assembly procedures, for storage, to display items or signs, and so much more, and by a vast number of industries. Here are three that use U-clips regularly: Car…
Quality Metal Stamping

Why should you outsource metal stamping services?

Metal stamping utilizes expensive, computer-controlled equipment to create metal cases, shields, and power tool parts for your company. Outsourcing lowers your manufacturing budget as you don’t have to purchase this equipment. It also ensures you get high-quality parts according to your requirements using the latest technology and by skilled professionals. Such professionals can read your…
Sheet steel metal fabrication

How to avoid sheet metal deformation

Maintaining the shape of sheet metal when fabricating is usually critical. When bent in a press brake or roll bending machines such as press brakes, it can easily deform into undesired directions. To avoid such deformation, metal fabricators should take note of the following tips. Identify grain direction Grain direction affects the quality and consistency…