Electronics Fabrication & Manufacturing

Frontier Metal Stamping, Denver, CO

Frontier Metal Stamping prides itself on our ability to provide the electronics industry with a domestic source that can meet its needs. No industry evolves and adapts as quickly and as much as electronics, continually pushing themselves and their suppliers to design and manufacture the most innovative and cost effective components. To match this incredible pace stride-for-stride, Frontier continually updates our software, equipment and processes. We have the capability and capacity to supply:

  • Contacts
  • Cases
  • Shields
  • Antennas
  • Metal Enclosures
  • Clips
  • Custom Designs
  • And Much More

From lower production volumes to the millions, Frontier Metal Stamping enables electronics customers to “Buy American” and still meet their competitive requirements.


With the evolving electronics market demanding smaller, tougher, high-performance gadgets, working with Frontier Metal Stamping just makes sense for your business. We have over 30 years of experience producing parts big and small, basic and intricate. We understand industry requirements inside and out, enabling us to meet customer demand for both quality and quantity. We offer:

Metal Stamping: Single-stroke part production or multiple steps in a series, we have the equipment and experience to complete all processes, including punching, blanking, bending, embossing and more.

Metal Fabrication: Using CNC  and other advanced equipment, we produce components for all electronics components and provide assembly using welding, riveting, fasteners and other methods.

Tooling: Based on the fit, form and function of the part, we’ll provide the tooling needed to produce your product, and we guarantee your tool for the life of your product to help keep costs in check.

No matter the process required for production, Frontier Metal Stamping implements a start to finish system developed to improve both precision and efficiency, while reducing your turnaround times and costs. To learn more about working with our team on your next electronics project, get in touch today.

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