We Have the Latest in State-of-the-Art Equipment

Frontier Metal Stamping utilizes some of the most state-of-the-art equipment available to meet your tooling and production needs. Our tooling department is equipped with EDMs, CNC machining centers, mills, grinders, and a variety of other equipment. This equipment along with advanced software enable us to efficiently build the most complex or simple tool. Frontier’s stamping and production machines are equipped with the latest monitoring, feed and tonnage controls to consistently produce your part to the highest quality standards. We have the facilities and equipment to meet all of your manufacturing requirements and needs.


Mitsubishi FA20-S Wire EDM
Mitsubishi MD+Pro III Wire EDM
Fadal VMC 4020 Vertical Machining Center
Fadal VMC 15-XT Vertical Machining Center
2 Sharp Mills with Proto Trak Plus
Okamoto Surface Grinder (12″ x 24″)
2 Harig Surface Grinders (6″ x 18″)
Sharp Hydraulic Surface Grinder (6″ x 18″)
Doall 16″ Bandsaw
Well Horizontal Bandsaw
Moriseiki 18″ Lathe
Doall Drill Press
Lindberg Heat Treat Oven
Lindberg Temper Rite Oven
Arbor Press 20 Ton
Master Cam X9
Solid Works 2016


E/2 Production Control Software
Windows NT Network with 15 Stations


New (2001) 25,200 Square Foot Manufacturing Facility
23,000 Square foot Manufacturing Area
400 Square Foot Quality Assurance with Locked Bonded Area
1,800 Square Foot Office Support Area


OGP Flash 400
Micro-Vu Video CMM 12″ x 24″
Surface Plate 24″ x 36″
Surface Plate 16″ x 24″
Pin Gauges & Gauge Blocks
Brown & Sharp 16″ Height Gauge
SPI Digital Height Gauge
Mitutoya 0″-12″ Digital Height Gauge
Micrometers 1″ – 16″
Depth Micrometer
Vernier Calipers 12″
I.D. Dial Gauges
Starrett S.P.C. Collection Center & Software
S.P.C. Software
P.Q. Gage Pack Software
Flow Chart Software


Wolf Robotic Welder
Miller 250 Mig-Tig
Hobart Fabstar 2620 Mig
ARC GMA200 Mig Wire Feed
Taylor Winfield Spot Welder with Weltronic Digital Control


Ohaus Electronic Counting Scale
A & D 10 x .001 Scale with 5,000# Platform
EZ-DUZ-IT HP Stretchwrap Machine
DAEwoo 4000 lb Forklift
Doosan25 5,000 lb Forklift
UPS Online Tracking Software
E-Shipping Freight Billing/Tracking System


260 Ton StamTech Press, Feed & Tonnage Control w/ COE decoiler Straightener Feeder (.187×24)
220 ton Seyi Servo Press
176 Ton SEYI Press, Feed & Tonnage Control w/12″ Servomatic Feeder
100 Ton 48-36 SA2 Clearing Straight Side, Feed & Tonnage Control
94 Ton Bliss OBI, Feed & Tonnage Control
80 Ton Federal OBI
75 Ton Bliss HP2-75 High Speed 36″ x 30″, Feed & Tonnage Control w/8″ Servomatic Feeder
70 Ton Bliss OBI
60 Ton Bliss OBI (2)
100 Ton Sutherland Hydraulic Auto Stamper
45 Ton Bliss HP2-45 High Speed 24″ x 24″, Feed & Tonnage Control w/6″ Servomatic Feed (2)
6 Ton RMT Toggle Press (4)
60 Ton 6′ AccuPress
20 Ton 4′ Accupress CNC Press
CNC Press Brake (2)
Hand Presses (3)
2 #1 US Baird #28 Multi Slide
Rapid Air Stock Straightener .060″ x 8.0″
P.A. Industries Straightener .125″ x 12.0″
Cooper Weymouth Stock Straightener .080″ x 6.0″
Cooper Weymouth Stock Cradle & Straightener .125″ x 12.0″
Cooper Weymouth Stock Cradle & Straightener .250″ x 24.0″
Egan Stock Cradle & Straightener .160″ x 12.0″
P.A. Industries Pallet Decoiler (3)
Miscellaneous Stock Reels (6)
Haeger 618 Pem Insert Press
Brother Speedio R450X1 Machining Center
Gemini 700 Roto Finish Tumble Deburring Machine(2)
Gemini 700 Roto Finish Parts Drying Machine
Sullair 40 Horse Rotary Screw Air Compressor
Sullair 25 Horse Rotary Screw Air Compressor
Hawkison Compressed Air Dryer