Engineering Review / Prototypes

Engineering / Prototypes

Frontier Metal Stamping, Denver, CO

To help save our customers time and resources, Frontier offers Manufacturing Reviews. There is a tremendous advantage for customers to participate in this value-added service. Your design will be understood with respect to form, fit, and function and together we collaborate on the fabrication nuances to build your part in the most efficient way possible.

Frontier uses Solidworks to build the precision metal stamping and forming tools to produce your parts.  All of the parameters related to sheet metal are verified to ensure the integrity of the solid model before starting development.

There are a variety of ways Frontier builds prototypes:  3d printing, wire EDM, machining, laser, waterjet, and more. Our goal is to build a prototype that adequately represents the precision metal parts that will be built in the future. The prototype helps ensure feasibility of your design and provides a quick look into the future.

Prototype Review: What to Expect

Our experienced engineers, die makers, and operators will gather around the table with your design team to discuss the myriad of details involved in building your specific part.

Typically, we find that small inconsequential changes in your design are aggregated to enhance the build process, save money, and produce a high-quality part using a precision metal stamping process. Efficiencies most often arise in areas that can reduce tooling complexity, while decreasing your cost and time required for manufacturing. It also allows for savings in piece part cost by being efficient with the material, station sequencing, and throughput.

The final Manufacturing Review is an extremely efficient process that produces parts with minimal cost. To learn more about an Frontier Manufacturing Review for your design / prototypes, please get in touch. We would appreciate the opportunity to provide further details so that we can take on your project with absolute efficiency and deliver absolute satisfaction.

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