Medical Equipment

Medical equipment Metal Fabrication

Frontier Metal Stamping, Denver, CO

At Frontier Metal Stamping, we provide a range of production services for the medical industry. We understand the importance of precision required in manufacturing for this field and support our customers in providing the highest quality and most advanced medical care and products available. Over the years, Frontier has earned our reputation as being able to build tooling, manufacturing systems, and components that enable our customers to produce the innovative medical products that have lead to their success in this industry.

Why Choose FMS for Medical Applications
  • We always strive for perfection – When it comes to medical devices and equipment, lives are on the line and there is no room for mistakes. At Frontier, we take this responsibility to heart and closely manage the fabrication and manufacturing of medical parts to ensure both precision and consistency. All final products are scrutinized by our Quality Department before the work order is completed and component shipped to our customers.
  • We use state-of-the-art equipment – During our time in the industry, we’ve seen the rise of innovative technology that enables the Frontier Metal Stamping team to increase efficiency, quality and speed. We believe that serving our medical customers to the very best of our abilities requires investments in our equipment.
  • We can produce any component – Whether you have a need, an idea or a prototype for Frontier to work with, we can take any project from the idea phase to a quality product or part that can be precisely reproduced in any quantity that you might need. We focus on fit, form and function and can reverse-engineer the steps needed to create the component you need.

To learn more about working with Frontier on your medical device, part or component, please get in touch today.