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Aerospace and Defense Metal Fabrication

Frontier Metal Stamping, Denver, CO

To meet the current demands of aerospace and defense, Frontier Metal Stamping has adopted a “must-cost” mindset, which means delivering products at the contracted price and on schedule.  Frontier is very judicious in choosing when to embrace complexities in the tooling and when to keep things simple. These approaches provide significant value to our customers in both aerospace and defense organizations and give Frontier’s customers an edge over the competition. You simply don’t need to look anywhere else for quality,

There exists a wide variety of finishes and platings involved in this industry, all of which Frontier has experience in using. A subset is listed for reference:

  • Sulfuric Anodize & Hard Anodize MIL-A-8625E RoHS
  • Black Oxide Coating MIL-C-13924C
  • Chemical Films MIL-C-5541E RoHS Compliant Clear Chem Film Only
  • Chrome Plate QQ-C-320B RoHS
  • Electroless Nickel MIL-C-26074D RoHS
  • Chrome QQ-C-320B RoHS Compliant
  • Electropolishing NO MIL SPEC RoHS Compliant
  • Gold Plating MIL-G-45204C RoHS Compliant
  • Nickel Plating QQ-N-290A RoHS Compliant

At Frontier, we understand the enormity of the service we provide to the aerospace and defense industries, taking an absolute zero room for error approach to all parts fabrication. We bring state-of-the-art equipment and experienced staff to the table to match your unique and exact requirements. Let’s get started today with an initial consultation to discuss how we may support your needs.

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