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who does metal fabrication in Denver

What’s the point of a prototype review?

It’s a question we are sometimes asked. The idea of meeting with our highly experienced engineers and die makers is to assess the world of detail involved in the creation of any part. The aim is to use all available expertise to seek out tiny, often seemingly inconsequential, changes to a prototype. Analyzing all of…
Office meeting Frontier Metal Stamping Denver Co

Tools of the trade: how metal fabrication can save lives

The next time you visit an emergency ward or a private clinic, pay attention to the specialized medical equipment that the physicians use. Most of these tools have parts that were crafted by industrial metal fabrication companies such as ours. Frontier Metal Stamping serves the medical community by producing customized equipment that serves our clients’…
Custom metal fab

Types of fabrication processes

We all know that metals can be used in different ways during the construction of structures or machines. Fabrication is the process of transforming raw stock material into a part for use. The most common metal fabrication processes include: Cutting – this is done using various tools, including laser and plasma cutters Welding – this…
Sheet steel metal fabrication

To the frontier and beyond!

Frontier is an interesting word. Its dictionary meanings include ‘the extreme limit of understanding or achievement in a particular area’. This certainly holds true when you consider metal stamping or fabrication processes. Often the requirements are quite challenging, requiring the building of parts using a range of materials, and varying shapes and sizes. All of…