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Metal Stamping

What are Stamping Dies and How Are They Made?

Stamping dies are used in metal stamping machines to quickly cut sheet metal into desired shapes. Although the term sounds grim, stamping dies are a godsend in the sheet metal fabrication process. How are stamping dies made? The stamping die manufacturing process is a three-step process: CAD — short for computer-aided design — software is…
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The importance of high industrial metal fabrication standards

Whatever your manufacturing business niche, you understand the importance of using the best team available for your industrial metal fabrication needs. Don’t let your standards slip when sourcing the company for your clients’ manufacturing needs. The team at Frontier Metal & Stamping knows the importance of exacting standards and precision work. We won’t rest until…
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How to find a metal stamping company

Whether you are building a commercial, residential or industrial steel structure, it is important you choose to work with the best metal stamping company. Follow the below guidelines to find the right metal fabrication company… Is the company capable? If they are specialists in one area of metal stamping, they may not offer a full…
steel fabrication companies

How metal stamping can help you with your product

Metal stamping by a metal fabrication company is a beneficial service to both large and small companies. It’s when a machine creates metal shapes from a mold by using sheet metal. Precision is required to avoid producing a defective product. Benefits Precision A stamping company has the right tools to produce a high-quality product at…