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Three industries that use the mighty U-clip

The humble U-clip. So unassuming, yet so versatile and ubiquitous. Also known as the ‘uni-clip,’ the U-clip is utilized in numerous applications. It can be used in assembly procedures, for storage, to display items or signs, and so much more, and by a vast number of industries. Here are three that use U-clips regularly:

  1. Car Industry. Interior panels, license plates, car racks, and other components of a vehicle are often found using U-clips for security and proper attachment.
  2. Healthcare Industry. There are numerous pieces of medical equipment and tools that use U-clips every day, in hospitals and doctor’s offices. They keep IV bags in place, hold tubing, help with storage and placement of vital items, and even work within surgery procedures, such as securing broken bones.
  3. Electronics Industry. This one may be the least surprising, as you have likely seen U-clips in action with your electronic items. They can help keep batteries or cords in place, hold computer memory chips or circuit boards, attach case sides together, and secure remote controls.

U-clips are most often stamped from metal or stainless steel sheeting and are created in an endless variety of widths, sizes, and shapes. The U-clip may be an unsung hero but professionals in sheet metal fabrication know how important they are in our working world. Contact Frontier Metal to learn more about U-clips or other metal and stamping products for your business.

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